o CDI-MDM solutions are the emerging technology platform that enables business to coordinate, update, and synchronize master data as organizations roll out the next generation of sales, marketing and customer service solutions. This summit is a structured program designed for companies at all stages of CDI-MDM initiatives – whether initiating a shared services or service-oriented architecture to support universal customer views, or developing a comprehensive business strategy to share master data across all channels and partners in a 21st century information supply chain. Clearly, the business world is rapidly embracing CDI and MDM due to: regulatory compliance issues such as privacy preference management, SOX, and Basel II; economic leverage of mergers & acquisitions; and, the need to cross sell/upsell via unified customer views.

o During 2007, CDI software solutions such as IBM WebSphere Customer Center, Oracle-Siebel Customer Data Hub and Universal Customer Master, and SAP NetWeaver MDM will monopolize the market and force businesses' IT management to face difficult questions regarding which vendor will be the center of gravity for master data hubs. Concurrently, best-of-breed vendors (DataFlux, i2, Initiate Systems, Kalido, Purisma, Siperian, etc.) will thrive in specific industries and horizontal/corporate applications.

o By 2008, the market for CDI solutions (software and services) will exceed US $1B. Additionally, Gartner confirmed the importance of this emerging market by issuing their first magic quadrant on CDI hubs during summer 2005. As did Forrester with their CDI Hub WAVE assessment. IDC has projected the overall MDM market to exceed US$10B by 2009.

o For the near term, CDI-MDM skill shortages will greatly inflame project costs as demand for data stewards, enterprise data architects, and other individuals with strong affinity for data governance will outstrip the market for individuals with actual experience. The burgeoning market for CDI-MDM services represents a boon to the major systems integrators and a possible “money pit” for businesses as typically CDI-MDM projects represent a 4:1 ratio of SI services to software costs.