Letter from the Chairmen

Dear Colleague:

In this down market, there is mounting need to focus on your business optimization, build stronger relationships with current customers and continue to grow and develop.   What you do with your data will empower your company as a front-runner and set you apart from competition.  Because of its importance, both within your company and in the marketplace, Master Data Management (MDM) needs to be viewed as “recession-proof” and the need for focused education and access to thought-leaders and industry peers has now become a necessity for success.

This summit, back for its second year and run by pioneers and early adopters of CDI and MDM solutions, capitalizes on best practices and implementation strategies, available in one concentrated day.   Learn to accelerate Time-to-ROI, perform due diligence on the enterprise master data solution, as well as expand your IT network.  IT professionals at any level will discover:

  • What are CDI, MDM and Data Governance?  What is driving business interest in these solutions?
  • Who are the better architectures and vendors?  How do these solutions differ from data warehouse and customer relationship management initiatives?
  • How will the market and technologies evolve? 
  • How to optimize professional development to leverage this trend on behalf of management?
  • What are the most successful best practices for creating a “single customer view?”

MDM Canada 2009 Summit, prepared by industry thought leaders, guarantees you depart with more than a base knowledge, but one invaluable to your company.  Leverage your training budget and get up-to-speed on some of the hottest IT topics.

We hope to see you in Toronto in June!

Jim Ericson
Editorial Director
Information Management

Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer
The MDM Institute